Treats on a mmmission

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Business for the better. food for the fun.

While our mission is to provide you with your daily moment of joy, the way we see it, Ovenly is more than a place for delicious treats. It’s also an opportunity to do business in a more empathic way. We come to work every day and make decisions that respect our employees, our communities, and our planet. It’s a set of values we call radical responsibility, in hopes that one day it may not seem so radical.

And after that, we eat cookies.

Pictured: hands cutting scones.

Pictured: hands cutting scones.

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Open Hiring & Good Jobs

A responsibility to our people.

We gear entry level positions towards folks with little or no experience, gaps in their resumes, or with personal histories that may cause them to be locked out of getting jobs. We partner with organizations such as Seedco & Drive Change that train people who were previously incarcerated and who experience poverty.

We take care of our team. That means we pay a living wage, provide health insurance, offer paid vacations, and generous primary & secondary caregiver leave benefits (that are unfortunately all too uncommon in the food industry).

We value diversity and proudly employ, train & promote people of all backgrounds and nationalities. Our leadership team is largely women, people of color, LGBTQ people (or all three!). 

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A responsibility to our planet.

We’re shrinking our carbon footprint by assessing our supply chain and distribution channels and buying carbon offsets to reduce our own emissions. We hope to one day be carbon neutral, meaning our operations will have zero harmful impact on the environment or contribute to global climate change. 

We’re training our staff to educate our consumers. Our employees are at the frontline when it comes to sustainability. They work every day to encourage folks to use reusable containers, cups, and totes (bonus: discounts when they do!).

We’re constantly reducing our landfill-bound waste. Simply by proper recycling and composting at our bakeshops and kitchen, we've already reduced our landfill waste by 60%. As we grow, we will continue these efforts.

We're intentional about ingredients and materials. We consider the building blocks of our products and our stores—ingredients and construction materials—deeply before we choose them. We use all-natural products that are organic and local whenever possible and we aim to work with purveyors who care about the environment and people. We also work to use recycled or sustainable materials in our stores. Visit our ingredients page to learn more.

We're utilizing clean energy. All of our electricity comes from renewable sources and utilize Energy Starred equipment wherever possible.

We're donating what's leftover. Any edible food waste always goes to nonprofit partners like the Greenpoint Church Soup Kitchen and Bed Stuy Against Hunger.

Prepping Blackout Buttercream


Pass it on. We're big on radical responsibility and we're big on talking about it. We invest in data collection and assessments to measure and teach people and the business community about everything from progressive hiring to impact investing, and how those strategies create a better economy for everyone. 

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Brooklyn Blackout Cake, Salted Peanut Butter Cookies & Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies


It is not so much a responsibility as it is a dessert, but it’s a huge part of our philosophy. We also believe in cookies, muffins, shortbreads, scones, buttercreams, coffees and anything else designed to bring joy in a single moment. 


Serving up joyful moments.

Baking up a sweeter world.