Ovenly Ladies The Bakers

Ovenly has 45 staff who work around-the-clock to create your daily pastry fix.

Agatha Kulaga (right) and Erin Patinkin (left) the founders, were inspired by their shared Eastern European background, and drew upon those food traditions as the groundwork for all of Ovenly's recipes. Everything we make goes through an intense process of experimentation that includes a lot of failures and even more expletives.

After meeting in a food-focused book club, the two immediately made plans to start cooking together. Soon they developed a collection of unique recipes, and founded Ovenly in 2010. They began by walking pastries from their homes to the doors of their first clients, and soon after were spending their days covered in flour, had to purchase a delivery van, and began shipping across the globe. 

Though Erin and Agatha spend most of their days planning and developing the company, they are integral in the creation of Ovenly treats. It's our staff though, that brings those pastry dreams to life.

With backgrounds in social justice (Erin) and social work (Agatha), the two are not only focused on building a national brand, but also in developing sustainable business practices with a focus on job development. In partnership with Getting Out Staying Out and the Ansob Center for Refugees, Ovenly has developed a job training program that employs a diverse group of amazing humans. Our staff hales from places like Ethiopia to Morocco, Gautemala, Sudan and even the Bronx. Contact us if you want to know more about our commitment to job growth.

And the rest is a work in progress.

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