Can I work for you?

We are always looking for good people. Email jobs@oven.ly for more information about open positions.

Do you work with social service employment agencies?

Yes! We work with the Ansob Center for Refugees and with Getting Out and Staying Out, employing highly-skilled but otherwise marginalized populations. For more information, contact us.

Where do you deliver?

For wholesale accounts, we deliver for a small fee to all of the boroughs and New Jersey with a minimum daily order. For catering, we deliver for a fee for orders over $200 or we can send those orders in a car service.

Do you ship nationwide?


Are you a certified gluten-free bakery?

No, we are not a certified gluten-free bakery, but we take the utmost care in cleaning our equipment and keeping ingredients separate from one another. That said, if you have a severe allergy, we recommend avoiding our product.

Are you a nut-free bakery?

No. We process nuts on our equipment.

Do you create your own recipes?

Yes! Everything we make is a twist on traditional recipes--with just the right amount of savory and sweet.

What are your best-sellers?

Our salted-chocolate chip cookie, our gluten-free peanut butter cookie, and our currant-rosemary scones take the cake (pun intended).

Is your name Ovenly or Oven.ly?

Our name is Ovenly! www.oven.ly is just our web address.

Where can I buy your cookbook?

Ovenly: Sweet & Salty Recipes from New York's Most Creative Bakery is available everywhere books are sold, like Amazon and Word.

Do you have a press contact?

Yes! Press inquiries can be sent to press@oven.ly.

When was Ovenly founded? 

Ovenly was founded on September 16, 2010. We opened our first retail bakeshop in Greenpoint on May 25, 2012. The company was founded by Erin Patinkin and Agatha Kulaga.

How did Erin and Agatha Meet?

Agatha and Erin met in a food-focused book club in May of 2009. A week later they were hashing out business ideas. The rest is history.

Do you have a press photo of Agatha and Erin?

Yes! See below. Please credit Winona Barton-Ballentine for the Ovenly Cookbook.

Photo by Winona Barton-Ballentine